Beyond Watching Movies

We love watching movies. Our writers have careers in entertainment, so they know what’s a good movie or not. But we believe that any movie can be a story you can relate to your personal life. And whether the movie got bad reviews, as long as it resonates with you, it’s a good movie. Plan C de Film is one of our favorites. It gave us hope that production can release good movies such as this without big funding. Plan C de Film is a good example of a movie with good a plot and with all the right elements that could captivate movie watchers. The movie stuck with us, so we made a website for it. As writers, we are also going to review other independent films similar to Plan C de Film. We like underrated movies. And on this website, we will showcase these worth watching films so more people could learn about them.

Get Promo Codes for the Next Film Festival

Our website visitors can get the chance to win promo codes for the next film festival. We are supporting independent filmmakers, and you have good reasons to support them too. Independent filmmakers have the liberty to make mind-awakening movies that mainstream movies usually lack. As people who work in the entertainment industry, independent films are nests for serious actors who are having a hard time getting big roles.