Plan C - Directed by Max Porcelijn

It’s one of those movies that we have no plans of watching but ended up watching it. We sympathized with the characters, got hooked, and somehow it found a way to make it to our best movie list.
George Vendezal
Movie Critic

Tangled Life of Ronald Plasmeyer

The storyline revolves around the problematic life of a small-time detective, Ronald Plasmeyer. He is screwed in all areas of his life. He got a career but stuck in so many ways. His wife divorced him because of his gambling addiction. He got little money but with an addiction that his salary won’t afford. The worst part, he owes money from a Chinese crime boss, Hao. Take the time and digest what this movie has to offer. Let it take you to the world of Ronald paginas de citas internacionales and be ready to take a roller coaster ride. There are many surprises along the way even you have watched all the movies in your playlist. Ronald Plasmeyer is a great example of a person who could turn bad decisions into a bigger mess. But for some reason, you won’t help but feel sorry for him. All the things that are happening to him are caused by him, yet Max Porcelijn geniusly introduced this character with such humanity. We cannot help but root for his life to turn around. The actors in the film were so natural to the point that you’ll forget that you are watching a film in Amsterdam top sightseeing. Ruben Van Der Meer (as Ronald Plasmeyer) carried this character with his terrific acting skills. We can’t think of anyone who could play this role better than him.

From Bad to Worse…

Being a detective, Ronald Plasmeyer got a criminal mind of his own. He can solve crimes yet he also knows how to make one. Little did he know that this capability of his would get him into big trouble. Hao wants his money back. He threatens Ronald’s ex-wife. It would have been easy if Ronald can pay him back. But Ronald already spent all his money on gambling instead of paying him back. So what’s Ronald’s genius solution? Rob the underground poker company where he lost his money. If you are logical, you will find his decision appalling. But if you are in his shoes, it’s probably the easiest way out.  As a guy who solves crimes, he probably had a great potential to solve his life issues goedkoop overnachten amsterdam. At the same time, he is a guy who understands the system. He knew that being righteous won’t get him anywhere. So, if you can’t stop them, join them. He is not going to ever pay Hao back with the money he earns as a detective. There is no way that the money will simply land to his I Amsterdam card. He has no money to gamble and possibly win back what he already lost. And what triggered him to do the heist is his ex-wife who is caught up in a mess she has nothing to do with.

plan c

Will Things Get Better for Ronald Plasmeyer?

We have spoiled enough. Plan C is an independent film worth watching. It didn’t have big funding nor starred famous actors to get more viewers, yet it delivered. It’s one of the underrated movies in dinner cruise Amsterdam. If you don’t like the perfect character who seems to make great decisions every time, and someone who gets the favor during the most unfortunate situations, Plan C de film is the generate targeted traffic your website. Be prepared to cry, laugh, and share the crazy little world of Ronald. We think that it should’ve gotten more attention and credit. Watch the movie, and find out the ending. It has a finishing touch that will make you melt.